The Last Earth Girl

I know that my driver deserved a lot more than the 50% tip I gave him. Between making him come all the way out from the City, trying to find the pickup spot near the Bunker, and then him having to listen to me bitch for an hour into Town; I probably should call him back just to apologize.

Anyway…it did do some good. I was actually feeling a lot better as I walked through the door at Mike’s. I should have known better. I really should have.

“Hey, Doc! Your girlfriend called to tell me you were coming and to make sure you were okay. What am I? Your damned secretary?!?!”

I stood there and stared at Mike for a second. I’m not sure if my brain just short circuited for a second, or if the words he was saying were in a mysterious, English like language.

I explained to him that, no, he isn’t my secretary…if anything, he’s my drug dealer.

“You are damn right about that…and one who doesn’t get paid properly.”

Then, I just had one word for him…girlfriend?

“Yeah, that Crystal Dawn chick. She sounded really worried about you.”

I know that I stuttered a bit, and probably turned a bit red. I’m pretty sure I also had a look on my face because Mike burst out laughing. I explained to him as best that I could that even if I was the most desperate man on the planet, I would never…ever…go there. If she and I were the last people on Earth, then humanity was doomed. If the evil thing from “It Follows” was attached to me and she was the only woman available, I’d rather just die. He finally just threw his hands up.

“Hey, man…it’s not any of my business. What you freaks do up there in your hole in the ground is all on you.”

I sighed heavily as Mike pulled something that looked like a business card out of his pocket.

“I do have something for you though. A buddy of mine, Jim, made a movie and it’s now on Amazon Prime. You should check it out.”

I took the card. It said “The Last Earth Girl” with an Amazon Prime logo.

Once I got back to the Bunker, everything was quiet. Almost eerily so. Most importantly, it was clean. I made my way down to the screening room and sat in my chair. As I put the card down on my table and picked up the remote control, I was startled by what seemed like a shadow jumping up into my lap. I watched as Blair turned a couple circles and then settled into my lap. ‘Huh, that’s weird’ I thought to myself as I started to pet her lightly. She even started to purr.

“Sorry, Doctor. I think that we may have gotten a bit carried away.”

I looked up to see Belladonna standing in the doorway. I’m still not sure what exactly happened over Halloween week, but there haven’t been any ill effects…at least none that I have noticed. I smiled at her, hopefully hiding the slight unease that I still feel. I told her that it was okay. She motioned for Blair to come with her and with a quick head-butt to my hand, the shadow was gone to follow her mistress.

As I started to navigate the menu to Amazon Prime, a meek voice came from the doorway.


I looked over to see Baylie peeking through. She rushed into the room and handed me a bowl of popcorn.

“Enjoy your movie.”

She rushed out just as quickly. I never even got to say a word.

“Yeah, everyone is sorry.” came the familiar, disembodied voice. “I left something on your desk.”

I asked The Phantom what his new subject was.

“You’ll like it. Other people won’t, but you will.”

I started to say something else, but…somehow…I knew he was gone.

“I got something for ya too, Boss”

Damn. I think Richard even washed his pajamas. Was I that mad? As he handed me the folded up papers, I told him that I didn’t even give him an assignment.

“Hey, I watch things on my own too. Just had something to say about this one.”

Richard walked out as Crystal Dawn walked in. She sat in her seat as I put Richard’s papers on the table and went back to looking up my movie.

“So…you alright?”

I told her that I was, and that I was sorry for yelling, and thank you for cleaning things up. She shrugged.

“What’cha watching?”

As I explained about Mike’s friend and his movie, Crystal Dawn nodded as she was eating my popcorn. As she stood to leave, half of my popcorn gone, I told her that she needed to call Mike. She gave me a puzzled look and I told her to just ask him what he said when I got there.

“The Last Earth Girl” is a Sci-Fi Drama starring Kari Fleskes as Miriam, Mark Pergolizzi as Miriam’s Father, and Duane P. Craig as O’Reilly. It was written by Stuart and Miriam Creque, and directed by Jim Weter.

We meet Miriam through her video diary as she rockets through space in a ship. The story is told primarily through flashbacks as Miriam relates her story to her diary and to us, the viewer. Seven years ago, a mysterious cloud was discovered in deep space as it destroyed a distant sun, taking that entire solar system with it. This discovery leads to the fact that the next target of this cloud is our own sun.

The entire human race is faced with the fact that they will die in only seven years time. Each individual copes in their own way. Some panic. Some party. Some just go on with life as usual. Miriam struggles with not knowing what to do. After spending time with her family, speaking with her professors, and just doing a lot of thinking; she comes to a decision. What she really wants to do is find out why. Why is this happening? The only way to answer that question is to go find God and ask.

I don’t want to say too much because the premise of the movie is really fascinating. If you knew exactly when everything is going to end, how would you feel? What would you do? Those are questions that I think one can only answer for themselves. I don’t want what I say here to color what you think and feel as you watch this.

How do I feel about this movie? I think it is great. It is certainly the most thought provoking movie I have seen in a long time. The writing is smart. The acting is very good. The direction is simple and straight to the point, which is perfect for this movie. The special effects are amazing for such a low budget independent movie. If I had to critique something, it would be the sound. The overdubbing can be a bit jarring at some points, especially the outdoor scenes. But, I do highly recommend this movie.

I sat there for a few, contemplating my own mortality and what I might do in that situation. I sat the popcorn bowl on the stand and headed back towards my office. I was just a few steps away from the door when I heard a loud, “Ahem.”

I turned and saw Crystal Dawn, standing in the door of the viewing room, holding my empty popcorn bowl. I knew in my heart I should go take it from her to clean. But after that New Year’s celebration of theirs, one more bowl to wash wasn’t going to kill her. I said thanks for cleaning up after me, walked into my office, and closed the door.

2 thoughts on “The Last Earth Girl

  1. So glad you liked it! I wrote the original short story for a Psychology and Religion course at UC Santa Cruz. The assignment was ‘write about a spiritual journey’ and I’ve always conceptualized ‘god’ as whatever is beyond the bounds of our known universe. Little did I know it would snowball into this film. Hope people enjoy it!

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