Anything for Jackson

Well, Aoife’s surprise visit ended interestingly. I absolutely love my little, scary teddy bear. Every time Blair does, well, Blair things, I point it at her and make the bear growl and make its scary face. Which makes her jump about four feet in the air and give me the evil eye. I promise that my child will one day figure out how to smother me in my sleep.

So, after the visit, once things around here settled, I decided it was time to watch Anything for Jackson. It’s been on the To Do list for a while, and today felt right.

Lord knows grandma and grandpa can’t operate a cell phone. So who’s to say if they can complete a complex reverse-exorcism/necromancy spell after joining the casual neighborhood Satanist group, who meets weekly at the public library. After some digging and bargaining, the two come into possession (hah, possession, get it?) of the ever-infamous Necronomicon.

Henry’s a doctor in a small clinic, who seeks out the host for their ritual. Audrey is a stay-at-home wife, who spends her time visualizing every detail of the plan. Eventually, it comes to fruition, and the elderly couple kidnap one of Henry’s patients – the very pregnant Shannon.

You watch as the pair stumbles through their plan, handcuffing Shannon to a bed in their grandson’s former room and testing her screams through their DIY-d soundproofing. Later on, more details as to just how much thought they put into the idea – nanny cams and all.

The initial spookiness is given away when Shannon asks about the little boy in the bedroom, who no one else had acknowledged. Turns out, it’s Jackson – the couple’s deceased grandson, lost in a tragic accident. With her hallucination, the ex-grandparents are reassured that all is going to plan, and all is looking promising.

Nosy helping hands show up as a neighbor offering to clear snow out of the driveway and a cop investigating Shannon’s sudden disappearance. However, they are quickly…taken care of, thanks to the ritual having started and ghosts communing in the couple’s far-too-spacious home and wreaking havoc. Normal ghostly things, murder and death and all.

And onto the ghosts, they are by far the best part of this movie. Creepy, almost Silent-Hill-esque deformed things and sad memories embody themselves and torment the three living. Eventually, the ghosts become too much (cue one blowing her head off, on a set timer every few minutes, to which Henry sighs and claims “she’s been doing that for 5 hours now”) and Henry and Audrey call in aid, in the form of the edgy and generally uncomfortable looking Ian, who they know from the Satanist group. Turns out the weirdo is also unhinged, and after a quick bout of murder he assists the final part of the summoning spell, only to hijack it and accidentally trigger a bloodbath.

The ending is pretty open, but concludes the story enough as one can when the plot introduces the chaos of opening the gates to another realm. Overall, it was unique and definitely had its share of good scares so a worthwhile watch. I’m sure we’ve all wondered at some point how granny would summon Satan (or other hellions). How far would you go in your grief to resurrect, rebirth, or re-home your lost loved ones? Enough to watch someone grind themselves like hamburger in a snow blower? No thanks personally.

I just had the thought that Crystal Dawn is way off course about our good Doctor. I know she’s known him longer, but I feel like maybe, especially after our Halloween escapades, that I probably know him the best. I certainly enjoyed the time we spent, and continue to spend, together. And having met her ex in Town, she has assuredly done worse in her life. Hmm. Maybe it’s time we had a little ‘Girls’ night and settle her feelings about some things… 

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