The Legend of Zelda

Dr. Camp approached me with yet another envelope. The closer and closer he got, the closer and closer he came to the realization that he was approaching a broken man. Camp’s face went from a look of joy to one that can rival one that has seen a car crash.

“Are you okay?” He said with a tilted head, probably wondering what the hell I’ve been going through.

“Yeah, I’ve been fine. Can’t complain too much, but if I did no one would want to hear it anyway.” 

“Well, I’ve got an easy one for you this time.” The good Doctor grinned as he handed me the envelope. 

“Taking it easy on me?” I asked as he turned away.

“Not everything in life has to be horrible, Richard.” he responded as he walked away.

I looked at the envelope for some sign of what it contained, and then opened it. Inside was an SD card (who in the hell still uses those?!?!) taped to the inside. Luckily, my laptop is fucking ancient so I still have a slot for it. I plugged it in and, you know what, I think I got a little bit giddy. On the card was a video file labeled “Josh Mason – The Legend of Zelda” 

First, I want to say this because I know it is important. I know 100% up front that this is a fan film. I was in no way expecting a billion dollar budget or anything flashy like a J.J. Abrams movie. But, knowing that someone has poured their heart, soul, time, and money into something they are very passionate about can more than make up for lack of funds. It also doesn’t hurt that I love Zelda games, so I was very interested and ready to watch.

Right off the bat, we have obvious ties to the most beloved Nintendo 64 game “Ocarina of Time” with the appearance of Impa, Malon, and Moblins. However, writer and director Josh Mason takes some creative liberty by giving the Moblins voices and characters outside of the “Oh, I’m Ganon’s minion and I want to kill you” mentality that is in the games. Navi also makes an appearance and is instantly made twice as annoying. The glimmering fairy is given more lines than “Hey!” and “Listen!”. 

I’m not hatin’ on it though. I’m really enjoying this, even though there are some noticeable mistakes. For example, one of the Moblin’s costumes looked to have a tear in it, showing off the human fleshy parts underneath. But, it doesn’t really distract from the enjoyment of the movie. 

There are some puns that made me groan (but in a good way), and it also gives fan service to the Legend of Zelda animated series. It really ties everything together in a very satisfying script. The biggest thing to me about the fan service is that there are people who get Zelda and Link mixed up, thinking that the “Legend of Zelda” is about Link, the main protagonist. In a scene with Link and Ganon, you hear Link say “it’s not my legend”, making it clear that the movie is aware of the mix up that is commonly made, and refers to it like a subtle inside joke.

My expectations were met, if not totally surpassed, by this movie. It was an awesome experience. Now, what do I have to do to get that “Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins” movie?

Check it out for yourself at MASON STUDIOS!

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