WTF?!?! – Reboot

Will Blanton

Reboot was the first fully CG cartoon, created by Mainframe Entertainment, that debuted on September 10th 1994 on YTV and was quickly brought over to the United States by the end of that year. Yes, Reboot beat Toy Story by 18 months, so Pixar can go suck a dick for all I care. Seasons 1 and 2 were aired in the US on ABC and was bound by the Broadcast Standards and Practices, which lead to Dot Matrix’s “Uni-Boob” being removed due to the female lead’s “excessive cleavage”.

The series was canceled in the States when Disney purchased ABC in 1995 and Season 3 was aired though syndication, reaching more households than the original ABC run and also allowed for darker storytelling. How much darker? Well let’s dive right into the TV-14 version of Reboot, starting with Episode 301, “To Mend and Defend”

First off, the 2 lead villains are seen destroying a building and in amidst it all, Megabyte kills Hexadecimal. In a brand new season, one of the lead characters kicks it and this is all after the season finale of Season 2 had the Guardian of Mainframe, simply named Bob, shot off in a rocket presumed to be killed. Wow. Fuck me good sir, but why did you have to have BACK TO BACK DEATHS IN BACK TO BACK EPISODES?!?! Mainframe Productions knows how to kick a boy in the balls. During the first 10 minutes it is a lot of character building for Enzo, as he’s wanting to be treated like the new guardian, but no one will give him a fucking shot to be the new leader of the city. Back and forth arguing lead to Dot Matrix screaming “BOB ISN’T HERE!” making her sound like a compete bitch in the process. Like tradition with every episode, in a huge clusterfuck, a game cube drops from the sky and it’s time for the city to be saved from another invader.

Enzo Matrix, Dot’s younger brother, is hell bent to make himself the new guardian as Bob’s whereabouts are unknown and when he reboots in the game, he’s a zombie. And what happens to him when he realizes this? HIS EYE POPS OUT OF HIS HEAD AND DANGLES ABOVE DOT’S FACE. Not only is Enzo a zombie, but Dot is Elvira complete with the solid black tight dress that she rips off to show some legs due to her being unable to move in the dress. ON TOP OF THAT THE USER IS A COMPLETE PARODY OF ASH FROM THE EVIL DEAD MOVIES!?!? Let me just mention this, they had the user play a character in a game cube that had a chainsaw arm, a shotgun and walked around saying fucking “Groovy” for the entire scene. This entire game sequence provides little plot, however outside of Enzo’s character development barking orders, this serves as just padding for a episode that can easily have 2, 15 minute segmented episodes like Beavis and Butthead. I felt that this game was unneeded and unwanted inside the particular episode. I also feel like each game scene could have been it’s own episode. They are always so quick and painful to watch but with more time given, it could have been a great thing for the series.

Now, for it being mid 90’s CG, and bounded by SNP, going back to watch it made me feel a love for a series I haven’t had sense writing for The CineMasoCast. When I found out that the Shout Factory website had the entire series available to watch for free, I went back and watched the first 2 seasons and had on the nostalgic goggles insanely tight. Between the heroes and villains I didn’t have a single problem with the US Seasons, but when the reigns were off, it kinda fell flat for me. If I could recommend Reboot to anyone, go watch the first 2 seasons. Yeah, there’s issues with those as well, but I wouldn’t mind sharing the love that 9 year old Will had back in the day.

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