Spider-Man: Far From Home

Geoff Harris

“People need something to believe in.”

Spider-man: Far From Home is a damn fun movie. FUN with a capitol Fuck U Trolls.  I am a jaded burned out wreck and this movie entertained me! They finally have a passable Spider-man. They have a pretty solid action movie. And, best of all, they took a third rate “Ham and Egger” villain and turned him into a bonafide badass. Mysterio in the comics has even admitted to being less-than-great but he gets a major upgrade here. The action is a nice throwback to Sam Raimi’s vertigo inducing swingfest. The characters are also fairly drawn out too. Every good hero has a supporting cast and this one really helped move the story instead of raging it down. Yes, they’re glorified second bananas but some have developed story arcs with our hero which move forward here. If you want a good summer brain candy break from reality, see this one.

It does not hurt to have seen at least either Homecoming or Endgame prior. There are story elements that carry over. What I love most of all is the “origin in five” approach most films have been taking of late. We don’t need half a movie to explain who X is and why they are doing what hey are doing. A simple scene with some quick exposition or, at least a flashback, is more than enough. Mysterio spells out his plan in a short to the point scene and then gets on with the rest of the narrative. Sweet and Simple. (Can I get a special two part re-edit of Man of Steel, please?) And stay all the way through this one. there is a “Fuck you and all you love” moment I wish I had written.

Or did I?

<cloud of smoke>

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