Hot Topic: American Independence

Tannen Van Horn

While not explicitly about our independence, The Sandlot remains one of my favorite set around that time. The story is a wonderful glimpse into the suburban 50’s. Also, “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”





Will Blanton

Now with July 4th being in the middle of Summer, you really can’t have the holiday without baseball. Now the ONLY movie I would recommend this season is the 1988 movie Bull Durham. It has two of my favorite actors, Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, and it has been rated THE #1 baseball movie on Rotten Tomatoes. This might be in the awkwardness of a Sport Romance movie, but works for what it is.  If you are either a Costner, Sarandon, or a baseball fan it will be a must watch for you this season!



David Graham

Remember when America had a real President? This 4th of July, relive what it’s like to see a President who genuinely cares about other people, mourns the death of his wife, fires the Secretary of Defense for hiding the truth about Area 51, and personally leads an epic aerial dogfight against alien invaders who are so one-dimensionally evil that they’re almost bestial. See the world put aside racism, sexism, religious bigotry, and partisanship, to fight for the common good of freedom from annihilation. In these dark times of tyranny, celebrate your independence from reality, as only Roland Emmerich can declare it!


Geoff Harris

What comes to mind when I think about movies relating to America’s Independence? I think of Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974). Sam Peckinpah’s tale of obsession and blood-soaked revenge stands out as one of the most shocking gut-punch films ever made. It set a standard by which not only are other films weighed but also by how they are rated. Ultra-violent and gritty, this movie rewrote the book on American cinema and pretty much created the “look” that directors will copy for decades after in almost every action film that has and will follow.



Sarah Hood

Happy Independence Day everyone, the day is upon us! I was given the task to find a film that reminded me of this day and there are tons of movies based on this day, but the one that I love, that reminds me of this day most is, funny enough, Mars Attacks! Directed by Tim Burton, you can really see his style in the movie. Many of the fights become hilarious, mainly the boxing match between the Martians and Jim Brown. The humans struggling against the Martians and the action and fight scenes that follow make this a perfect Independence Day. But let’s also not forget the main character’s grandmother Florence who was calm when they figured out the Martians’ weakness is a song and the hilarious joke that followed.


Drew Russom

It is the fourth of July, and Independence Day is upon us. Families with be gathering around the pool, consuming food from cooked from the grill, and then settle down for a view of the fireworks. Some movies are prime for watching around this time that rejuvenates a sense of patriotism. Some will say any war movies, some with mention Independence Day (1996), or any other popcorn flick from the nineties or early two thousands. I decided to pick the original Spider-Man movie that was released in two thousand and two.

My reasoning is twofold: the theme and content of the film, and the context of time the film was released, the latter I will get into first. September eleventh, two thousand one was a day of tragedy and a blow to America’s moral. Spider-Man was the first super hero movie of the new decade, and the first summer blockbuster that would be in the wake of 9/11. The movie came out at the perfect time in which we needed a feel good, uplifting movie. With all of that in mind, now I can move onto the movie itself.

The content within the last 30 minutes of the film is a great example of much needed American patriotism for post 9/11 America. In his moment of need, Spider-Man is assisted by the people of New York with one citizen stating, “When you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!” The end of the film ends with Spider-Man bombastically swinging through New York and landing upon a flag post with the American flag flapping triumphantly on top of the Empire State building. The theme of the film itself fits into our own American persona, which is about an average joe, given the power and responsibility, to help his community and the people that live in it. This film may not be the first that pops into ones head for the fourth, but I think it should be on your list for this Independence Day.

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