The Hot Topic: Spring Is In The Air

The CineMasoCast is given a topic for the month and they choose their favorite movie/TV show that fits the topic. What will they choose?!?!


Wayne Camp

Despite all the hate, I love The Happening. How does it fit the theme? Well, I can’t tell you without completely spoiling the movie. Those who have seen it know that it fits quite well. For those with pollen allergies (like myself), this movie will totally make your mind wander.





Tannen Van Horn

When I hear the phrase ‘Spring is in the Air,’ my first thoughts immediately jump to Mel Brooks’ classic The Producers. Whether it’s Lorenzo Saint DuBois or Franz Liebkind belting a little ‘Springtime for Hitler,’ that little corner of my brain that laughs at everything that is wrong starts to giggling.






Geoff Harris

Spring is in the air! When I think of Spring, I think of Renewal. When I think of Renewal, I think of Logan’s Run. I have often dreamed that on my 50th birthday I would gather my friends and reenact the scene, complete with costumes and my being hoisted up to a glowing ball which would explode and rain candy down upon all assembled.





Sarah Hood

Spring is in the air, folks! With the pollen count high, I rewatched the movie The Wicker Man, both 1973 and 2006. For this, I’m sticking with the original. This movie reminds me of spring for the theme and time period of the movie being centered around May Day and the May Day festivities in the movie. Many would consider this movie horror, but I find no horror in it. It’s just a good movie with themes of renewal. The horror aspect is of human sacrifice in the hopes that the gods bring forth a better harvest. The Wicker Man is an old movie that has held up as a staple and it has Christopher Lee playing a good villain which is another reason I love this movie.



Will Blanton

Spring is upon us, and when I think of Spring, I think of all the college cuties during Spring Break. Dirty Grandpa fits the theme well as Zac Efron, playing a uptight little twat, is tricked by his Grandfather, played by Robert “Fucking” De Niro, to go to Daytona Beach to get into some shit during the party season. Now, I can not confirm nor deny the actions portraid in this film would be things I would or wouldn’t do. But, as one who has been called a “Grandpa” in the past, I think that would just sum it up nicely. Why would you want to watch it? It’s a movie with De Niro and some guy that the kids all swoon over. Warning: This movie is a 8 time Golden Raspberry Award nominee. So if you are thinking that I’m suggesting watching a good movie, you are 100% wrong.


Drew Russom

I nominate A Bug’s Life for the theme of Spring Is In The Air. Not only does it remind me of the past spring seasons of my childhood, but it is also during spring when all of the bugs come out or take over, whichever is your perspective. I will be seeing spiders, ants, and water bugs in my bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom very soon, and imagine must of you will too.






David Graham

When spring is in the air, a young college student’s fancy turns to thoughts of spring break. That’s what makes this 2013 movie starring Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and James Franco such a perfect fit for our theme. This movie succeeds at showing the audience plenty of fuel for dreams and nightmares. If your plans for spring break involve wearing a pink ski mask and waving a gun around while a Britney song plays in the background, please, seek immediate medical help.

Spring Break Forever, bitches!


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