In My Opinion: The Kirlian Frequency

Geoff Harris

As a person who enjoys Welcome to Nightvale and The SCP Foundation, it was just a matter of if and when I would stumble across The Kirlian Frequency. A relatively short series, it has elements of horror, suspense, and a bit of the Twilight Zone told as a mysterious radio show heard in the even more mysterious town of Kirlian. Are there really terrors that dominate the night? Or is this just some fever dream? There are secrets within secrets here and they hide themselves well. If you like a good spooky tale with a sense of style, I highly recommend this gem.

This show may be easy to binge, only five really short episodes, but the narrative and the animation is very rich. You’ll find yourself freeze-framing a lot to really “see” some of what is actually going on. The stories are connected loosely. Though not obvious the first time, for me at least, there is a meta running through everything. It’s dark but not gory.  Have to admit, I am curious as to where it goes next. Not a major reason to get Netflix but absolutely catch it if you can.


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