Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel is a good Marvel movie, but not an interesting movie. While I know that doesn’t sound correct; these two qualities are not always one in the same. I am willfully going to ignore the publicly known controversies and documented words of those involved with the film that have inflamed one section of the Internet or another, so we will not be streaking across that mine field any time soon. That just leaves the movie to its own merits, as it should always be for a piece of media. Now that we have that in the rear view mirror, let us truck on down the road to Avengers: Endgame with Captain Marvel.

Let us start with the character of Captain Marvel, not Brie Larson, the hero in which she is portraying in this film. While I am not very familiar with the heroine, only known to me from the Civil War II comic book, I know that she is not within the top echelons of well-known Marvel heroes. She has a similar rise to fame as most of the MCU roster; not well known by the general public until she had her movie. I do like her inclusion into the long running series, but I do not feel that she fits so neatly into it. I have one major question that everyone is asking this film.

Why didn’t Fury use that pager that was given to him by Captain Marvel, in which was stated could be received a few galaxies away? Why did Nick not call up Carol during Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Winter Soldier, or Civil War. I would have liked to see Captain Marvel’s interactions with the group at some point during these events, especially during the last film. I feel like they are attempting to fit Carol Danvers, unceremoniously into the Avengers narrative just before the follow-up to my favorite Marvel film. Now let us move onto the story of the film.

The story was engaging after the second act, even though it was predictable. The changes from the original source material were noticeable, but not egregious that it ruined the experience. However, like I said, I could not get fully engaged with what was happening until about halfway through the film when a major plot and character relevant thing is shown to us. Only then was I fully wrapped up into this movie. Carol is shown to be powerful, but did not earn the title of most powerful avenger in the MCU.

Finally we can get to Brie Larson, the main star. She did fine as Captain Marvel, I do not think that she did bad, but I do think that she could have been pushed a little further to where her performance would have been great or at least more of a stand out performance. My biggest issue is that, personality wise, she does not really stand out amongst her established counter parts. Tony flies by the seat of his pants. Cap is a boy scout. Thor is a brash, but humbled king. Widow is an emotionless killer. Hulk is a distrustful intellectual. Ant-Man is Abbott without Costello. I am excited to see her interaction with the rest of the cast, but she needs to stand out for her to be remembered once against the other Avengers.

While Captain Marvel is a good film in the line, and does not do any injustice to the heroics of the character, the movie does have its flaws.

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