In My Opinion: The Umbrella Academy

Geoff Harris

Rare is a thing that punches me so hard in the brain that I will feel inspired for years to come. The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original series based on the comic by Gerard Way, former lead singer of My Chemical Romance, is such a drop kick to the balls. It is the story of seven very special children who were all born at the same time to women who weren’t even pregnant. Each has powers and abilities which make them superhuman. Assembled by a mysterious (and a bit cruel but understandably so) ex-explorer and adventurer seemingly to one day stop the end of the world, the seven are trained to become heroes. (Well, six of them. Trust me; It’s a big plot hook as to why.) The pacing is dead-on and we get fair amounts of action and character development. I seriously doubt I will be able to watch any of the CW shows and not cry, not from happiness, but from a deep profound sadness of what could be. Legion on Fox has been the only other “superhero” show I’ve seen which could go toe-to-toe with The Umbrella Academy. Yes, Daredevil had some moments and Jessica Jones wasn’t half-bad but when you encounter something as brilliant as this it is difficult not to push them back just a bit.  I really hope there is a Season Two but I will admit I can move on with just this one beautiful one. Five out of Five.

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