WTF?!?! – Power Rangers

Will Blanton

So, once again I’m reviewing fucking Power Rangers. Why do I do this to myself? I understand that I’m also reviewing them in the wrong order, but it’s based on availability and I honestly don’t think that doing them in ass-backwards order is going to make me any less pissed off.

The movie, that was released by Lionsgate, was given a budget of $105 Million, and was the only action movie released that week. It earned $134.8 Million worldwide and was helmed by Dean Isrelite, who was directing his 2nd feature-length movie. They took liberty to completely re-write the backstory for each individual ranger, and is the first product in the Power Rangers canon movies that features LGBTQ and autistic superheroes.

In the start of the movie, we see Jason pulling a prank at his high school by putting a bull in the locker-room of his football team, and only after a cringe worthy segment of “milking a bull” dialog, I knew that it was going to be rough. Kimberly was spreading private pictures of her friend around school. Billy is the previously mentioned autistic nerd that becomes the “affection” of a bully. Zack’s mother is sick and fears that he will return home to find her dead and Trini is a loner that is having issues with her family and having issues with her sexual orientation. All of these are relatable in 2019. We all have either known someone, or was that somebody that is a joker, loner, nerd, or someone that is afraid. However, in the 124 minute movie, it took a huge chunk of the first hour to explain back story, and Trini’s sexual orientation wasn’t even brought up in that time! It was ok to have back story but I just felt like it was dragging on a little bit too long. Another thing about the story is that I feel like they took a little bit too much artistic freedom. Even though we can all relate, when I understood the background of the characters we loved as children it completely took me out of it. The story about Rita on the other hand, is sick. She needs gold to create Goldar, and her first sighting she fucking attacks a homeless man and rips out his teeth in the process. It turns out that Rita is killing them, also making this the first in the series that “death” and “kill” were mentioned in dialog. As much as I complain about the backstory being too long, I will gladly take this story over the original movies any day of the week. Dark, Gritty, and new is what I need for the franchise to be a lot less ragey.

Doing extensive research for this, it turns out that this is yet another movie that has set up a sequel that doesn’t have a plan to do so at the time of this article. Even though it did decent in box office sales the only reason that another movie was in the works was due to merchandising sales. This plan was put on hold indefinitely when Hasbro purchased the entire franchise, acquiring movies merchandise and television rights, (Along with VR Troopers, Masked Rider, and Beetleborgs) for $522 Million in 2018.

Even though I was insanely hesitant of watching the rebooted movie, and some of the scenes being very cringy, the story was what held the movie together. The action was very predictable and very lackluster, however looking back to the original movie, the CG graphics were leaps and bounds better than it’s predecessor. Would definitely watch again and holding out for part 2.

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