Geoff Harris

Aquaman (2018) is a wall-to-wall thrill ride and I LOVED it!!! Finally DC Entertainment did something right. Okay, the first few films had their merits but I feel they hit a high point off this one. It’s a fair balance of plot and action. The story moves at a pretty good clip, albeit a tad long in the tooth at times. Really being honest, it’s almost two movies spliced into one big slamfest. Could they have broken it in two and released back to back movies? Sure but it still works anyway as one massive blockbuster. And I say “blockbuster” because this is every bit a theater shaker. The characters are well-defined and the story is easy to follow.

I’ve been an Aquaman fan since I was a kid. One of the first action figures I had as a kid was of him. As a superhero role-player, I have defended him time and again from critics and naysayers. The guy can bend a crowbar with his bare hands and take small arms fire at short-range. Don’t discount if he gets you under the waves…he’ll rock your block. Okay, the character in the film is a tad stronger (presumably) and isn’t as “fish out of water” so much as ” land-lubber learns to swim” and is very non-regal for a man who is destined to be a king. He’s a smart-ass wise-mouthed man-child but we forgive him for it. It actually makes the character more accessible. He’s a regular Joe.  Flawed and human.

Warning: This film is HEAVY with CGI effects! My eyes are still crossed from all the blinking lights and vibrant colors. However, they were done very well, better than Wonder Woman and Justice League, and didn’t overwhelm the story but added an element to it. Black Manta alone made me very happy. (A favorite villain done right. No emo Jokers here.) James Cameron is probably wiping the blood off his lip and thinking “You wait, bitches. You just wait.”

Totally worth a viewing. Go see Aquaman. A superhero movie done right. I only hope DC continues to make movies like it. Marvel has held the title long enough,

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