WTF?!?! – VR Troopers

Will Blanton

So, VR Troopers is on the docket today. I try to minimize the suffering as I stumble onto Wikipedia to get some background. This was the first of the “Sister Series” that was created by Saban Entertainment to continue to bank on the Power Rangers popularity. As the ratings showed that it was almost as popular as the regular series was, it ran for ninety-two episodes over two seasons. Why was it cut short? The stock footage from the source was quickly being used. But the question remains, after using three different series (Metal Hero Series: Superhuman Machine Metalder, Dimensional Warrior Spielban, and Space Sheriff Shaider), why would they start running out of material to use? Well, it is currently unknown to the public on why that was the case.

The basic Power Rangers plot is here, however unlike Rita, Karl Ziktor (Gardner Baldwin) is the human form of the main bad guy Grimlord.  He’s got an orb on his desk and when he says the magic words, he can go back and forth between the human and virtual realities. As a child I’ve always loved the idea with messing around in VR, and this show just makes me love it that much more.

As a sentai spin-off, VR Troopers has got to be the stronger show. The horrible acting doesn’t bother me as much as it has in the past as I’ve been completely desensitized via the other series I’ve reviewed. It’s a nice change of pace due to new faces, new roles and characters to look at and have feelings for. As much as I have a personal connection with the Power Rangers it’s actually nice to have a series with a new coat of paint.

However, the only thing I can’t get my head around is the idea that every Saban property has to have a comedic relief.  From Power Ranger’s Bulk and Skull to VR Troopers Woody Stocker, I feel like they are really not needed and takes the serious tone away from the series. If you could remove all of these scenes from the shows, the overall enjoyment factor will raise itself fifty percent at least.

If you happened to have a love for VR as a kid, you will love the show minus its flaws. I sat down to watch the first two episodes and I can attest that I was expecting the stone cold cringing but the more and more I watch the more and more I just want to binge.

Finally something I love!!!

*Looks at recommended viewing*

Oh fuck….


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