WTF?!?! -Power Rangers Legacy War: Street Fighter Showdown

Will Blanton

There’s a short film on the Neo-Saban Power Rangers YouTube channel that was posted October 9th that had 2.2 Million views as of the writing of this article. Of course I had to watch it. It is a short film entitled “Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown” ( It is only 8 minutes long and was produced by Bat in the Sun. I’ve watched their content and knew automatically that the quality of this movie would be very bad ass. (Known for their show Super Power Beatdown which I would strongly recommend watching.)

When we are watching anything we just want to be entertained as we attempt to learn backstories and try to be emotionally invested in the characters. I am automatically enthralled in the idea of my two favorite childhood memories joining forces. However, I chuckled as Chun-Li mentioned Rita and when Tommy Oliver mentioned M. Bison, as my inner 90’s child was going ape shit.


In that very same scene there was a moment where Tommy and Gia, the MegaForce Yellow Ranger, hands Ryu a power coin. Why did this even occur? Well, in the scene when they find Ninjor (Yes, it was the reason this all started), a fight breaks out between the faces and heels and got into a big giant cluster fuck. Ryu morphs using the Crimson Hawk power coin into the Ryu Ranger. After the morphing sequence there was one thing that remains. Why was Chun Li not given a power coin as well? Technically we now have 3 rangers and a Street Fighter. My train of thought was that if they retain their own individual powers and obtaining the Ranger’s powers, why didn’t she get one? Well, Ninjor created one last coin before getting kidnapped by Bison.


Overall, this was a really satisfying experience the first time I watched it. Upon watching it back to attempt to write a positive review, all of the small things hit me. This is a “What The Fuck” review, so I’ve got to nitpick about it right?

Now I’ve got to find something to review for next time.

Maybe something wrestling.

Maybe something rock.

Well fuck me.

Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling

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