WTF?!?! -Behind The Scenes

Will Blanton

“WTF, In Video Form”

WTF, in the infancy, was supposed to be a YouTube video. No doubt about it that EVERYONE in the CineMasoCast wanted to see it. Taking the inspiration from the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd, I wanted to crank the anger to 11. Why haven’t I done it yet? Time. Between my job and other personal things going on, I can’t pour my heart and soul into video production at the moment.

“Fuck Me”

There are moments in time where you regret things. We’ve all had those moments, and if you haven’t then you aren’t human. (Skynet 2020) One of those moments was when I purchased the “Power Rangers” DVD, “Green with Evil.” This was my opus, this was my calling card, and turned me into “The Fucking Power Rangers Guy”. Brandon and Wayne also wanted me to review the Super Sentai episodes that footage was used in these episodes. If I could go back, I would want to do them as the final pieces of content for the CMC as my “swan song”. Then walk away into the sunset like a fighter eternally alone.

“Fuck you Wayne and/or Brandon”

We normally have a conversation while at work about things I could cover. For example, it wasn’t my idea for me to write about the Street Fighter Animated Series. It was the brainchild of Wayne wading through the waters of the internet trying to find something I might have seen. I have Wayne and Brandon to jog the old memory bank when they run off things I’ve vaguely seen, while others hit me like a sack of bricks. However, it took a ProtonJon Twitch stream to remind me of the shit known as “Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills”. Yes. It exists. Yes. I will eventually review it.

“Why Are You Always Mad?”

Well, not all the time, but mostly it’s looking back with a “Why the fuck did I like this as a kid?” I have fond memories of Legends of the Hidden Temple, and most if not all of the Nickelodeon cartoons, and to look back at those brings a warmth never felt by my cold heart. When Wayne and Brandon request me to review something, it’s normally a hot pile of garbage. The tag line of the site is “We watch shitty movies, so you don’t have to.” This also goes with TV as they have forced me to sit through like Sharknado. So, I’ve always got pent-up anger that multiplies teenage angst by thousands. It’s not because of it being a shitty show, even though it does help, but the track record is already established between the 3 of us.

Here’s a list of shows that I will review in the future, however this list will be longer over time.

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

VR Troopers

Big Bad Beetleborgs

Wheel 2000

The Mask (Cartoon)

Ace Ventura (Cartoon)

Tales of the Cryptkeeper

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Cartoon)


What the fuck have I gotten myself into……..

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