Sarah Hood

Venom.. with a side of tater tots and chocolate.

This movie had no right to be good but goddamn it was good. Tom Hardy has yet to fail me when it comes to movies and I admit I do doubt him at times. Venom was a wild, hilarious ride from start to end, with a great chemistry between Eddie and Venom, with many scenes being hilarious as Eddie argues with that inner voice over “No, we’re not eating people” and “I’m not jumping off a tall building.” Tom Hardy’s take on Eddie Brock, the villain- hero-antihero of the Spiderman universe, is a fresher one to me. Yes, he’s still a little sullen but not as angry as his past versions or as whiny (looking at you Topher Grace). Tom Hardy’s Eddie acted like a normal person in a situation they don’t understand, they scream and panic and constantly ask what’s happening. At one point he even asks Venom to protect him, a good relief from the normal where something serious happens to the main character and they just shrug and go along with it, no questions asked. The movie was a rollercoaster of hilarity and a decent blend of action. Eddie was thrust into a moment he wasn’t sure he was gonna get out of but, by god, he was gonna sass the villain and piss him off. There are subtle moments that connect the movie to the MCU, something that left everyone scratching their heads wondering how they were gonna bring Venom into the MCU, and I can’t wait to see how they introduce Venom to old web head himself.

I rate it 4 out of 5 half-eaten lobsters from a tank.


Drew's Hi-Res headshot
Drew Russom

This character is my favorite in the Spider-Man rogues gallery. My main introduction to the anti-hero was the nineteen nineties Spider man cartoon series; the character was intimidating, vicious, and powerful more so than Peter Parker. The other half of Venom, is Eddie Brock. Mr. Brock is a muscle bound, no holds barred photographer that wouldn’t mind stepping over you to get a Pulitzer award winning story. The one thing that these two share are their mutual hatred for Spider Man, but does this rendition share anything with his 2018, big screen counterpart?

Not much, is the answer to the question. Much has been changed with Sony’s version of these characters, and there is a reason why I place emphasis on Sony’s version, since Disney owns Marvel and have had success in rebooting Spiderman into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many of which are unnecessary changes that don’t affect the overall story negatively or positively. This film falls somewhere in the middle of the road, some good and mediocre. There is where we shall start, with what was a positive.

Venom has a cool design that takes us back to the look of venom before Spiderman three, which we are all happy to see. All of the actors, including Tom Hardy who plays Brock, give genuine performances throughout the production. However, the negatives to vary from nitpicks to larger issues which drop the film from being good to okay. The action sequences were nothing spectacular, but did not have enough moments of flair or interesting dynamics as the other movies. The character of Eddie has been characterized has more of a crusader that put his own righteous agenda above the people in his life that cost him personally.

However, no matter what heartache he underwent, he is still a good guy from beginning to end. This pushes against the better contrast exhibited by the original depiction of the character. Venom and Eddie hate Peter, and want to destroy him, however they would not harm an innocent person in the process. This moral code gave this villain a unique quirk. Eddie is an asshole, Venom is a monster, but both have a compass at the end of the day which makes the character a lot more relatable and interesting to the viewer, or reader.

Tom Hardy’s version was not without fault, but I, like many other fans, would probably prefer the older version. Venom’s original plot to retrieve his brethren to consume all of Earth for food changes because of his time with Eddie; I never bought this change in motivation. We are told that Venom holds a lower status in the symbiote community, like Eddie. However, we are told this, not shown, so the moment where Eddie and Venom unite to save the world is a lot less impactful. Subsequently, Venom’s sacrifice at the end, loses some of its punch due to this disconnect and disbelief from the viewer.

I also have to talk about the after credit sequence, Carnage will be in the next movie, if there is another movie. No offense to Harrelson, but I don’t find him intimidating in the slightest, especially with that wig. Cassidy is a sociopathic serial killer, which is scary in of itself, but that he will be gifted with a symbiote that is more equal to if not more powerful than Venom, that is absolutely terrifying to me. Overall, this movie was very in the middle. You can wait for it to come out to Redbox and rent it on DVD for a dollar, but not in theatres.

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