WTF?!?! – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Will Blanton

The Power Rangers are a staple for me to review. There’s no doubt about it, these teenagers with attitude have been giving me attitude since I debuted for The CineMasoCast and this is not any different. Unknown to most young kids, the original Power Rangers movie that was released in 1995 was 4th in its opening week with a budget of $15 Million. What came in ahead of it? Apollo 13 ($52 Million budget), Pocahontas ($55 Million), and Batman Forever ($100 Million) came out that same week and the Power Rangers were still a success. How does it hold up looking back? Even without using previously existing Super Sentai footage, it was really good.

Directed by Bryan Spicer; who would go on to direct episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Castle, and Bones; made his feature film debut with Power Rangers, and he made a banger for what he had to work with. Using the Season 3 cast of Adam, Aisha, and Rocky (Replacing Zack, Trini and Jason respectively due to personal reasons) they along with the other rangers suit up and kick some ass. However….

The movie’s story 100% contradicts the story that is in the show explaining how they got their Ninjetti powers. In the show, the Power Coins and the Zords are destroyed by Rito Revolto on a visit to Earth. In response, they track down Ninjor to receive the Ninja Coins and the Ninja Zords. In the movie, however, they travel to Phaedos to acquire the Ninjetti. Why couldn’t we have more connectivity between the show and the movie? Why does it appear that the fucking writers can’t get together and make a COMPLETE FUCKING STORYLINE!!! Other than that it follows the basic plot of the first 2 seasons of the tv show; bad guy shows up, tries to take over the world, and is stopped by our fearless heroes. The main antagonist is none other than Ivan Ooze which, like Rita, was set free and is hell-bent on destroying the planet. With all of this going on, how does the movie introduce the Rangers? Skydiving with comedic nutsacks, Bulk and Skull.

Call me completely nitpicking here, but how can you make a movie with only a 15 million dollar budget and still have CG scenes in it? Let’s fast forward all the way to the scenes where the new Zords debut…

This is the only downside as far as this movie goes. The CG does NOT stand the test of time while all 3 other movies in the top 4 that week do. Who the fuck was giving the green light to the post production team to create all of this CG in the movie on only a 15 million budget?! Yes, the technology was still new at the time, but there is NO reason for this to even exist. Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Lawnmower Man, ReBoot, Jurassic Park and fucking Toy Story came out BEFORE this one and the producers can’t raise the budget for the CG alone? If screen shots of this got out to the general public it definitely wouldn’t have made the $66.4 Million that it did, but do you know why it did? Because it was a fucking Power Rangers movie that we all wanted. In the long run, the movie holds up if you take out the CG scenes.

One final thought…you can honestly predict when they would cut to a commercial break, or a “To Be Continued”. If THIS was a few half hour specials and not a 90 minute movie, it would be ok. But, as a movie, I wouldn’t recommend it even with nostalgic glasses.

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