Alissa Diggs

McQueen was the McKing

I should start with that I love Alexander McQueen with all my heart. To the extent that I was going to drive to Nashville to see this movie, before I got the notification that it would be played in a Memphis theater two days later.

This film was a beautiful tribute to a dark, tortured man. It separated his life into 5 “tapes” highlighting the major points of his career and unlike previous, shorter documentaries, it didn’t solely focus on his relationship with Isabella Blow. It was a story beautifully weaved together about the rise and unfortunate fall of one of fashion’s greatest icons.

The movie opens with his early life, his job tailoring jackets, and his desire to know more. Because his early life is mostly played out, they kept this section brief. The film was brilliantly paced, and was scored by none other than Michael Nyman, whom McQueen was quite fond of.

The interviews with his colleagues, friends, and family are probably the most impactful. These are the people the knew him the best. They saw him at his best and worst. As the film progresses through his life you are witnessing a great man shrivel to skin and bones over the course of two hours; it is truly haunting. You get to hear the truth behind his deep sadness, and light is shed on some of his demons.

Watching a designer, and fellow human being I love so much, be taken over by the darkness within was heartbreaking. I found myself with chills throughout the film. As someone who suffers with both anxiety, depression, and is also in the fashion field, its slightly terrifying to see someone who had it all never feel happiness.

I can not recommend this film enough if you are a lover of fashion or of art. It shows the stark reality of the fashion industry. How it can change and harm a person. In the same breath though it shows how beautiful brokenness can be, and how one man changed the face of fashion and fashions shows forever.

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