WTF?!?! – Double Dare (2018)

Will Blanton

Now, I understand that in my last review I said I was going to review “Legends of the Hidden Temple” but there was something I caught on Nickelodeon this past week and I’ve got to share my thoughts on it.

Mark Summers greeted us each and every weekday afternoon with his iconic laughter and stupid “Dad Jokes” but he was there like a babysitter, without fail, each day. In this 2nd reboot of the series, he’s returning in a on screen role, but he’s the announcer, assisting not only the announcement of prizes in the obstacle course, but he’s the face on screen as a transition to a physical challenge. The hosting role was given to Liza Koshy who in 2017 became the fastest YouTube personality to reach 10 million subscribers (Whom I’ve NEVER heard of before seeing the show.) and she happens to be a comedian. However, when she tried to be funny it was sounding more forceful than Aisha Tyler at a Ubisoft Press Conference.

When I was growing up, “Double Dare” was a institution, a tradition for kids’ after school activity. There was an appeal like none other. Slime, Gak, and just causing a huge mess for cash and prizes was the main one, but something else appealed to me. The show had a “live to tape” aspect that draws me to show in it’s classic form to the current day. The new one is so overproduced, I don’t think that I’ll be able to watch another episode. I know that there’s people out there that are about to be a keyboard warrior on this, but hear me out. If you can spot where the edits happened, and wonder what happened to cause those cuts, then you are taking yourself out of the experience of watching the show to begin with. Don’t say I’m a hater, but it’s the smallest thing I noticed during the 24-ish minute show.


I understand that in a game show setting you have such a short window to get not only the host’s personality over, but the contestants as well. You need that reason to be behind someone or something in a show. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, just keep to the bare minimum and have them only answer questions next season.

If you just want to put on the nostalgic goggles for a day, I say watch it, but I’m guaranteeing you that if you see the things I did, it will take you right out of it.

PS: Upon finishing up this article I’ve noticed that my cursing quota was not met. In due fucking time, friends.

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