The Pitch: Gilligan’s Island (Season 2)

Geoff Harris

Season Two opens with a bang as a plane crashes on the island. It has been several days since Gilligan’s beating and the castaways have stepped lightly around each other. There is a noticeable tension in the air. The plane’s crash brings a refreshing distraction to the daily doldrums. Notably anxious is Mr. Howell, who has been glued to the financial reports whenever the radio can pick them up. His empire’s faltering without him at the helm to guide it. He more than anyone wants off this island. The only survivor is the plane’s pilot. He claims the plane was struck by lightning. A nasty burn down one side of the aircraft confirms at least something to that effect. His radio and navigation systems were instantly fried. The other passengers, a man and a teen girl, died upon impact. Ginger recognizes the dead pair but quickly hides her reaction and goes off to “freshen up.” This triggers a new set of flashbacks centered on Ginger prior to boarding the Minnow. Her career as an adult film star was on the rise. Her popularity was at a peak. There was no where to go but up. Until a nosey reporter started investigating a former fling she had and was getting painfully close to learning some truths about her that she wanted kept quiet. She left town to cool off after a confrontation with the reporter, whose corpse she saw in that plane. He obviously had followed her to the mainland. But who was the girl?

The pilot brings news of the castaways having been listed as lost at sea and presumed dead. Mr. Howell loses it and insists that The Professor fix the boat or the plane or invents something to get him off this “damned rock” or else there will be Hell to pay. The Professor dismisses Mr. Howell and assures the others that he may have a way off the island. It’s just going to take some time. Secretly, he has become increasingly distracted by Lovey and her continued seductions. This just fuels the fire even more as the two start plotting Thurston’s demise. The pilot confronts Ginger and reveals he is aware of who she is. Who she really is. The reporter had told him the whole story and had offered a share of any earnings from the story’s publication. This had grown beyond a mere magazine article. The reporter was thinking bigger. A book and maybe even a screenplay. Unknown to both of them, someone is watching from the shadows.

The B plot again focuses on The Professor, who is hard at work constructing some kind of device. It’s design is strange and is powered by an unknown power source. The Professor takes a moment to reflect back and we see a series of his flashbacks. Driven from university after university for “misappropriation of campus materials and funds”, we find Roy Hinkley scratching out a meager living teaching high school physics to bored inner city teens. His life is a constant cycle of long days and infuriating nights trying to complete experiments which make no sense to anyone but himself. His only distraction is Molly, one of the few students who has a glimmer of promise. His interest in her is purely platonic. She’s brilliant, all things considered, and she is willing to get him materials he has been legally banned from acquiring. This would be a tease to the audience that maybe this isn’t the world they think they knew. Maybe an alternate one where tech was just a bit more advanced? This will be a mystery for quite some time. Molly works alongside him until she graduates and tells him of her intentions to go off to college and use what he had taught her to get a degree. Perhaps even advance his theories further. They tearfully part ways. Distraught and needing a break, The Professor books passage on the first trip he sees in the newspaper’s classified ads. The season ends with the castaways finding the pilot’s corpse laid out on the picnic table. His eyes and heart have been removed and his entrails spread out like some bizarre feast.

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