WTF?!?! – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Green With Evil (Episode 5)

Will Blanton

Yeah, I’m back for the 5th and final episode of the Green Ranger story arc. Today was the day for the deadline, so I might as well get this over with as it’s bound to be the most painful thing I will watch.

The opening scene is right where we left off as the Rangers are in the command center finding out that Tommy is the Green Ranger after all. Alpha then says the obvious shit that we found out episodes ago, making sure that the people who came in mid way are finally told to their faces why Tommy was a evil douche. Jason gives a speech, that he’s reading off the actual script, and then it cuts to the Technodrome on the Moon as everyone that could be there is celebrating the fact that the Rangers are fucking done with. Which in hindsight is an UNNECESSARY CUT AWAY!

Back in the command center, Alpha is losing his shit as he’s ranting and raving about Rita taking over the world. Zack calms his ass down and the Rangers decide to split up and look for Tommy as Alpha is still trying to find out a way to bring Zordon back.

In the mean time, in what I assume to be another UNNECESSARY SCENE, Bulk and Skull are watching a monitor with Ernie as Rita’s face shows up and cuts to Goldar destroying Angel Grove. Now why doesn’t it occur to not only the viewers but the writers that if Goldar is being filmed by a helicopter, then WHY DOESN’T HE ATTACK IT? I mean he’s a bad guy destroying a town, why doesn’t he ACTUALLY KILL SOMEONE! Another thing that bothers me about this is HOW DO THEY GET A VIDEO FEED OF RITA?!?! Is she beaming down the footage herself? If not, then how did the television station get it? Kimberly shows up and this turns into a “comedy” scene as Bulk and Skull are taking all the credit for the Ranger’s actions in the past few episodes. She does her typical “Valley Girl” routine then finds Tommy lifting weights in the corner, looking super pissed as usual.

The number one rule about being a Power Ranger is keeping it as secret as possible, and what does Kimberly and Tommy do? Blab about it in the middle of the Juice Bar like no one is around. Kim tells Tommy that she knows about him being the Green Ranger, and likewise for Tommy saying that he knows about Kimberly being the Pink Ranger. Being 10 feet away and talking in a normal tone of voice isn’t being quiet at all. Blah blah blah, Rita will take over the world is the other form of dialog here, so it’s basically nothing to write about.

ANOTHER UNNECESSARY…well…it’s not really unnecessary as Rita calls for the DragonZord for the first time. It’s basically crashing through a bunch of shit in the industrial district of the city. Watching it again after all these years actually is bad ass. When Tommy gets to the Zord, he stands on it. The shot appears to be him represented by an unreleased toy of some sort. Something bad ass has to be ruined by something so tiny. Literally.

Alpha is back in the command center as he tries to get back Zordon. It’s an UNNECESSARY SCENE It makes up for the fact that the DragonZord scene wasn’t one…I guess.

Jason and the rangers talk about Kimberly’s interaction with Tommy but Trini is oddly missing. She comes running in and informs them that Tommy is being a huge douche bag in the business district of the city. After morphing, the Rangers catch up with Tommy as they stand on a building looking directly at the DragonZord. Then Tommy jumps off of the Zord and lands on even a higher building. This begs the question: “When he called to the Zord, why was he looking up at it?”

Now an epic battle ensues between the Zord and the un-meched Rangers. Tommy is blowing up all kinds of shit, because his “Empress commands”.

Back at the command center, Alpha has found Zordon and lays out the plan for the Rangers. They recall the Zords, but instead of forming the MegaZord, Jason decides to fight him 1 on 1. When Tommy is down, THEN they form the MegaZord. Why didn’t they just do it in the first place?

When the DragonZord is THROWN through a fucking mountain, Jason asks Tommy to give up. The response that was given wasn’t Tommy. It was some other voice actor that showed up one day as if Jason David-Frank didn’t show up to work that day. I had to listen to it 3 times to make sure it wasn’t him, and I was completely right.

Jason then says “Zordon told me to destroy your sword”. Really? I don’t remember any communication between the Rangers and the man in the tube. WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO CONFUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME?!?!

An un-meched 1 on 1 fight ensues as Tommy gets his ass kicked and Jason breaks his spell. The 6th Ranger becomes official and they morph for no reason other than to show off the new morphing order. Then they form the “DragonZord In Fighting Mode” which was pretty bad ass.

They all rally back at the command center and Zordon kisses the most ass, and Rita bitches and complains to end the episode.


Over all, it was on par of what the 90’s gave us as kids. Action, romance, comedy, was all there in one 30 minute package every day. Does it hold up? Not really. But the nostalgia goggles are on very tight and even though my 32 year old brain was nit picking on every single scene, it was entertaining to say the least.

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It will explain everything.

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