The Slip Stream: The Defenders

Slip Hyatt

We were all shown promise when Daredevil hit the scene and premiered on Netflix. Daredevil was gruesome, violent, and set a serious tone for the show. Eventually all would lead to a combining of the Netflix Marvel stars: Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. With all of this in mind, it almost feels like we were doomed. It almost seems like this was destined to fail.

The Defenders is a disappointment. We were robbed of great action and excitement, and overall given poor acting. This show is really boring and I am surprised that Marvel has anything to do with it. This show was supposed to be a thriller about superheroes. This show doesn’t meet that objective.

The Defenders is extremely slow It takes three whole episodes for the lead characters to become a team. Even when the stars do team up, it is very anticlimactic and a huge let down. For this to be a teaming up of the stars of the Netflix Marvel series, it is very slow and not very entertaining. It is definitely nothing like the Avengers.

This show literally took away everything that was great about each character individually.

Daredevil seemed to do a lot less fighting and became more of a teenager with a disappointing vibe with the main villain.

Jessica Jones is perhaps the most awesome super heroine to date (not including Black Widow). She seems to be useful with her abilities when she needs to use them the most.

Luke Cage has been made into a miniature Juggernaut. His whole climax revolves around throwing stale lines at Jessica Jones during an action scene.

Iron Fist is probably the one who didn’t get reduced to anything less. He is annoying in this show just like he is in his own.

What makes all of this so bad is that the heroes literally had no chemistry together as actors/actresses. Speaking of which, let’s talk about the villain.

Sigourney Weaver should be ashamed of herself for accepting such a nothingness role. I have never seen such a great actress be pulled down to such a disgrace. She was just as much a threat to the heroes as a roll of tissue.

When I watch a Marvel film, there are certain needs I expect to be met. First of all, an actual good plot. This is usually tied in with a villain who is a real disturbing menace to the heroes and seems an actual threat to the world. Second, I expect a great build up and climax. The Marvel films tend to do this very well, and often lead to a twist that unfolds into new characters.

I would suggest that if you watch this show, keep your remote in hand so you have your finger close to the fast forward button. The Defenders is easily one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

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