Sense8 on XHamster?

After being sent an interesting news item from upstairs, the bunker is buzzing with thoughts and opinions.

Sarah Hood

Before I launch into my thoughts on XHamster wanting to pick up where Netflix dropped Sense8, I want to talk about the show a bit from my perspective. I’m not an overly big fan of the show. I was sat down and told I would love the show so I went in with hopeless optimism. The first episode was very well done, but at the same time too hard to keep up because they’re suddenly throwing so many characters at you at once. You need a pen and paper to write down who’s who and who you think will be one of the chosen people. The constant fast-switching of locations disoriented me a bit as I tried to watch more and more. The scene between Sun Bak fighting and Onyango tapping into her fighting confused me because I didn’t know who was fighting whom or if they were one person fighting in two different places. I never did get hooked on the show but I did see the appeal it would have on others.

When news that Netflix had cancelled Sense8 I was honestly confused because the show seemed quite popular and had a large fan base. Almost everyone I knew was watching it and was upset with Netflix’s decision. Then earlier this week I saw the news where XHamster, the porn site, wanted to pick up the next season of Sense8 and my immediate response was “what the fuck?” I thought it was a joke from The Onion until I looked at the news source. It was 100% serious. This is a first in TV shows that a porn site would want to pick up a regular show. An interesting show at that, but still. I started wondering just how would a porn site do a show like this. Would they start leaning towards more sex scenes that border on Game of Thrones type lewd or keep it to the original standards and maybe throw in a sex scene or two to keep it interesting?

If XHamster decided to make it more x-rated and forgo story and plot it would be sad to see a good show go down the drain. If Netflix gives the rights to XHamster to finish the show, I hope they keep it the way The Wachowski’s originally wrote it and keep the writers on. Regardless of how I feel about the show, the fact that a porn site is petitioning for it is astounding. I know many people are finding it hilarious that a porn site is wanting to produce this show on its website but many others may rejoice. Many shows have been cancelled with their fans hoping in vain another company or station may pick it up and continue it. Firefly and Constantine are the two I will continue to hold out hope for no matter what. With just a small bit of the news having come out we’ll have to wait to see what Netflix does and if they decide to go ahead and release the show to XHamster.

Geoff Harris

The porn website, XHamster, has made overtures towards financing the third season of the now-defunct Netflix show, Sense8. Sense8 follows the story of eight completely different people who seem to share a type of group mind. In simple terms, they can read each others thoughts and if necessary, possess each other’s bodies. It is not made clear why or how this occured. There are treads throughout the two season run that suggest these connected strangers are an evolutionary bump in human development. The show itself is a meditation about personality and the seat of consciousness.  If you could see through another person’s eyes and feel what they feel, where do you stop and they begin? I am not a learned man. What little college I did attend left me rather vacant regarding the more intellectual aspects of the human psyche. To be honest, I barely paid attention in Psychology 101.  However, as a writer of fiction and a student of human nature, I do have a certain insight into the more fringe concepts like Hive Minds and telepathy.

Sense 8 is fairly engaging if you like more arty cinematic storytelling. In many ways it makes me think more of a European sensibility than an American one. Lots of slow dissolves and surrealist imagery fueled by a more characterization focus on its principals.  Which begs the question: why XHamster? Of all the websites out there it is rather striking to hear a provider of hardcore pornography would express an interest in a show about identity and the collective unconsciousness. Yes, Sense8 has mature content. Characters do engage in sexual acts although very tastefully done and mostly suggestive. The main issue I see is marketing. XHamster would be taking a chance to put the show on it’s website because not everyone who would watch the program would also stay for the other more explicit content. Perhaps it would hurt the show to be associated with a website that caters to adult entertainment. We live in a reactionary time. Everyone has some “trigger” or another they claim sets them off into emotional distress.

The other issue I can see is accessibility. If XHamster were to charge viewers, it would more than likely lose an audience. Come on, very few of us actually read Playboy for just the articles! I think it’s very progressive that XHamster is considering expanding into non-porn avenues of entertainment. It shows they understand what “adult” means as opposed to those who only fixate on smut. Censorship used to mean the control over access. It has become a rallying cry for the banishment of anything that they do not understand or feels assaults their senses. I’m not going to blow smoke up your collective skirts about what is “Art versus Filth”. If XHamster does indeed gain the rights to bring Sense8 back, I say watch it if you’re a fan. If the content on the site bothers you, wait until it eventually comes out on DVD.

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