Doctor Who is a what?!?!

Wayne & Tannen discuss the reveal of the 13th Doctor.

Also, contributor Geoff Harris shares his thoughts.

Geoff Harris

I have mixed feelings about the new Doctor being a woman. On one hand, I absolutely LOVE the idea. I have waited practically since I first started watching the show for this to happen. Gallifreyans ability to regenerate always included the option/possibility of switching genders. The Doctor even referenced how his friend, The Corsair,  would willingly swap back and forth between sexes. They have more enlightened views regarding sexuality. If I were a member of one of the universe’s oldest races I would as well.

On the other hand, I am AGAIN assaulted by just how head-up-the-ass people can get. Holy Mother of God, somebody’s done something to a fandom and it’s tearing minds apart! Everyone panic! It’s the end of days! Seriously? It’s a television show. FICTION. Not real. Get over yourselves. Wait. And give the new actor a chance. Overreacting only leads to drama and we all know no one likes that. Can we let cooler heads prevail? There is room for intelligent debate. When did we turn into a society of reactionary small-minded Luddites? To those who would judge me understand this: i was once just like you. I would fly into manic rages over the simplest of slights. I know your passion. Something has offended your sensibility. It has crossed wires and now you are in a free-fall of  conflicting emotion. Change can be traumatizing.  Breathe deep and find your center. Let’s watch and see. If it sucks, stop watching. Every television has a button that also turns the unit off. 

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